About Us

Anxiety Care UK is a Community Organisation based in Redbridge, East London, run by trained volunteer Recovery Support Workers. We provide a variety of services, helping people to recover from anxiety. We hope that through our Recovery Groups, Workshops, Email, Counselling, E-Counselling and Outreach Services, together with a range of literature, we can help you to understand anxiety and guide you towards recovery.

How We Work

First and foremost we listen to clients, helping them to understand that they are not alone in having anxiety, ensuring that they feel “heard” and finding out what help they need to recover.

Our recovery support is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) methods. CBT is a well-recognised tool in the treatment of anxiety disorders. It is a talking therapy which can help you to manage anxiety by changing the way you think and behave.

The way we use CBT is to discuss with clients what they would like to achieve, then to break that goal down into small manageable steps, while looking at the thoughts/beliefs behind the behaviour as well as the physical sensations it causes.

Some clients come to us, desperate to start work on recovery. Others may take some time to open up and talk about their anxiety and what they are experiencing. This is fine! We work at the clients pace and do not force anyone to go faster than they feel they can, however we do encourage everyone to be brave and to face their fears.

What is a Recovery Support Group?

Our Groups are facilitated by Recovery Support Workers who have been trained to work with those experiencing a wide range of anxiety disorders such as Social Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Phobias. Our services are confidential, using only first names within the group. We ask all clients to keep anything that they hear in the group, within the group.
We provide a safe environment to discuss anxiety issues and provide information, advice and support to help to overcome them. We encourage everyone to share experiences as advice from a fellow sufferer can be extremely helpful to group members. However no-one has to speak if they prefer not to.

We also encourage family/friends/carers to attend, with or without the anxiety sufferer. We can help you to understand about anxiety and give advice on how best to help and support anyone experiencing anxiety.

What are the benefits of attending a Group?

Our clients tell us that the main thing that they experience when first attending a Group are: –

  1. They feel listened to and understood
  2. They realise that they are not alone, that there are other people experiencing similar problems
  3. They begin to realise that there is hope for them, that they can learn to take back control of their lives.

What makes us Different?

We provide practical support which can be accessed by anyone local to our area (however, please note that we see adults only).

You do not need a referral and our Groups are drop-in services.

Our work is open ended, there are no time constraints.

There are no set fees although we ask clients for a donation where possible.